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Outdoor Group Strength Training for Women


PERFIT is your answer to prioritising strength workouts as part of your weekly exercise regime.

Our outdoor group training community is the key to remaining committed and inspired in your health and well-being goals.

PERFIT is here to help you achieve the results you deserve, and put a smile on your face every time.

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Helping you achieve a strong, healthy body and mind

PERFIT Personal Training was founded in 2017, inspired by the overwhelming research regarding the benefits (below) of resistance training in Women, especially as they age.

Bone Density . Muscle Mass . Heart Health . Mental Health . Stronger Joints . Weight Maintenance . Enhanced Performance . Longevity Improved Sleep . Flexibility . Better Posture . Confidence

Strength training generally refers to exercises and workouts that are designed to build the strength, size and endurance of your muscles.

PERFIT outdoor classes aim to provide variety, support, motivation, personal attention, social interaction and of course, fun and enjoyment.

After an initial career spent as a Registered Nurse and Clinical Research Nurse (specialising in orthopaedics and endocrinology), I decided to challenge myself and create a business out of my two loves - helping others and exercising.

Group training for me is a wonderful way to get together with your peers, share experiences, feel motivated and achieve your workout goals. Living in Mosman, close to beautiful Balmoral beach, it is impossible not to be inspired to get outdoors and be active.

As with everything in life having a laugh along the way is essential - group training is no different - and it takes your mind off of that extra lunge or two!

Australian Institute of Fitness 

Master Personal Trainer


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Tuesday to Fridays  

9.00am - 10.00am

(school term friendly / no contracts)

Sabine McDonald

"If you are looking for a fun and effective PT group workout you’ll stick with long term, PERFIT is your solution. Caroline’s sessions are super well planned out, varied and just FUN! Working out with proper professional guidance, a fab group of women & Caroline’s wicked sense of humour, always make me come back home feeling upbeat and ready for the day ahead. Five stars from me!"

Jane McKie

"I've never come across a personal trainer quite like Caroline. Her group sessions are a heady mixture of physical challenge, laughter (so much!) and support. No two classes are ever the same. You'll leave feeling you've had the best workout, a fun-filled hour and will probably laugh out loud later in the day when you remember something that happened in class."

Jane Bush

"I started training with Caroline in 2018. She is very professional, super organised, friendly, and keeps an eye on what you are doing, and gives great feedback on how you are going. I can highly recommend her. I have already recommended her to my friends. I look forward to her classes each week."


Mosman . Balmoral

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